About Neil

NEIL ZOLADKIEWICZ retired from his school in South West London last year but still directs there as either they can’t get enough of him or he is the proverbial bad penny that keeps turning up. Neil set up his ‘empire’, the Drama department, in the dim and distant 1980’s. As well as directing (and occasionally appearing with) students in over 50 productions, including Shakespeare and American classics, he has also written numerous scripts for young people (some of which have been published). He is particularly proud of his plays on silent cinema: ‘Mickey and the Movies’ and ‘Chaplin-the Early Years’ and his play about Shakespeare’s acting company ‘Shakespeare -Will and Juliet’ as he has a passion for cinema and for Shakespeare. He has also enjoyed playing Dr Watson, Prospero and Lady Bracknell (but not in the same play!). He has organised 25 Drama tours to Hungary and has close links with the Kolibri Theatre and International Buda Stage in Budapest.

He is currently writing a series of short stories set on Vancouver Island, a place he regularly visits to see his family.


(Photos by Ciaran Inns: http://www.ciaranfrederick.co.uk/)